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Other Great Websites

* Creation Vs Evolution Headlines *

A Creation Perspective -- Contains many articles by David Plaisted, professor at University of North Carolina.

Access Research Network -- Contains articles by Michael Behe, Phillip Johnson. ARN's authors page brings you groundbreaking essays and other significant works by those individuals who have helped give the intelligent design movement its form and structure.

Answers In Genesis -- Contains articles from the colorful family magazine Creation ex nihilo, cartoons, books, tapes, tee shirts, videos, live audios by Ken Ham and other gifts. Material for children and adults.

Center for Scientific Creation -- Contains Dr Walt Brown's online book, "In the Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood."

Creation Evidence Museum -- Directed by Carl Baugh.

Creation Ministries International -- Biblical creation: Over 7,000 trustworthy articles. Evidence affirming biblical creation. The archives of over 30 years of Creation magazine and Journal of Creation.

Creation Research Society

Creation Science Association of Orange County -- Presents monthly meetings at Calvary Church, Santa Ana.

Creation Science Evangelism -- Kent Hovind's Web Site.

Creation-Evolution Headlines -- Creation-Evolution Headlines

Dr. Mace Baker: Dinosaur Expert -- Dr. Mace Baker's web site. He has been a creation science researcher and speaker since 1980. He has also taught for over 20 years in the public school system. Check out the list of Seminars that Dr. Baker offers, and have him speak at your school, church, or function.

Geoscience Research Institute -- Associated with Loma Linda University. Contains articles by Ariel Roth, Robert Brown, Leonard Brand, Clyde Webster, and Benjamin L. Clausen.

How old is the earth? What is its age? Learn about radiometic dating methods. -- Is the earth thousands or billions of years old? This link looks at the science or radiometric dating and other methods to try to determine the age of the earth.

Institute for Creation Research -- Contains Impact articles, audio broadcasts by John Morris, Duane Gish, books, videos. Material for children and adults.

Jim Pamplin -- Contains information refuting evolution, with a lot more to come.

Lambert Dolphin -- In Dolphin's library and links are hundreds of articles written by many creationists.

Revolution Against Evolution -- Contains articles by John Woodmorappe, Doug Sharp, Dave Buckna, and Jerry Bergman.

South Bay Creation Science Association -- Presents monthly meetings in Torrance.

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