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You Don't Have A Soul
Monday, July 09, 2007


I recently heard a quote from C.S. Lewis that is a very useful point to share with believers and non believers. Here is the quote:

“You don’t have a soul…….you are a soul. You have a body.”

Here is what I tell people. “Your body is different now than it was the day you were born…and it will be different ten years from now, and some day it will be dust. But the real you, the real John Smith, is your soul…not your body; and your soul lives on when the body dies.”

This point is encouraging for the Christian, and can hopefully make the skeptic think about eternity.


Here is something I request all readers of this newsletter to do.

Move your eyes to the right, to the left, up and down.

How did you do this?

Well, you have your eyes, eye muscles and trochlea. Trochlea are very cool! They are fibrous structures in you eye sockets shaped like a letter you’re your eye muscles are routed through the trochea and attach to the eye. The trochlea thus acts like a pulley allowing you to move your eye in any direction you want. Each eye socket has four trochlea.

But you decided to move your eyes, and your body allowed them to move. Where did the decision to move your eyes begin? Atheists hate that kind of question. Christians can say our souls make these decisions. The soul is the real you that decides to move your eyes, or to be kind, or cruel, loving or hateful.

Bill Morgan
714 898 8331

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