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Six Reasons People May Believe The Theory Of Evolution Is True
Monday, July 09, 2007

Here are some introductory comments:

1) Many believers of Evolution are extremely brilliant in science.

2) Many believers of Evolution are sincere in their belief that Evolution is true.

3) Many (actually most) believers of Evolution believe in some kind of designer. I have talked to hundreds of evolutionists and very few are adamant that they say they don't believe in God. Many say they are not sure, but few say they are convinced there is no designer or god.

4) When I say "Evolution" I mean the belief that humans have bacteria ancestors. Many call it "macroevolution." I do not mean the belief that bacteria gets mutated (it is still bacteria) or the belief that humans are taller than they were 1000 years ago (they are still people). Many call this "microevolution."

So that leads to my list. I feel people who believe in Evolution fall under at least of these categories maybe more. I used to believe in Evolution, and I will tell you which categories I fell under).

1) Bitterness. Some people have been so hurt and suffered so much they either deny there is a god or they are too enraged to acknowledge a god. (I have seen a lot of death and suffering and I understand the feeling of being mad at God or feeling foresaken by God. But during my atheist days this was not an issue with me).

2) Not liking the rules. The Bible has a lot of rules that will ruin your fun. Many people (including me) thought the Bible was dead wrong on science (the origin of man) and thus dead wrong regarding drinking and sex before marriage. During high school and college, I liked that world view! However, during my evolutionist years, i was like 99% of other evolutionists in being very respectful of Christians. I thought they had out-dated and anti-scientific beliefs, but I respected them and was kind to them.

3) Pride. Some people refuse to be humble to anyone or anything. Many of these people are incredibly brilliant.

4) Peer Pressure/Apathy. Some schools will flunk you out if you deny evolution. Some Universities deny professors tenure if they deny evolution. Some people will think you are deficient if you deny evolution. Thus, many people go with the flow and believe it without digging for the details. In high school and college I did not want people to pick on me about a topic I really didn't care that much about, so I went along with the evolutionist view point.

5) They never heard reasons for Creation. If all you have ever been taught from people you respect in science is Evolution, why would you doubt or challenge it? Except for a debate on TV at the age of 20, I never heard a reason to believe in Creation until I was 26 years old.

6) Many people who love science, are lead to believe Creationists hate science, and thus must be fought and resisted. I was raised near Buffalo, New York which is next to Canada. A Canadian TV station had a show I loved called the Great Debate. Each week they had a different topic and it was very well moderated. Every Sunday, when the newspaper came with the television listings came I would eagerly open it up to see what the topic of the debate was that week. On one Sunday, I was it was Creation vs. Evolution. I still remember my reaction, it was "good! Give it to that Creationist. How dare he mess with science! Well, I watched the show, and I remember being shocked the Creation guy made better points than the Evolution guy, but I dismissed it and went on with my life.

So, why did I believe in the Theory of Evolution? I would have told people "science" back then, but the real reasons were wanting to sin, peer pressure, apathy, I never heard the other side and I felt my beloved science was under attack. Never was my reason the belief that bacteria mutating into humans makes sense.

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